Big List of Sweet 16 Party Themes

Looking for sweet sixteen party theme ideas? There are all sorts of parties you can hold for your daughter when she turns sixteen. The party doesn’t have to be boring. You can make the party come alive with various themes such as the ones below.

The Dance Party
The most popular party for young girls is going to be the dance party. Girls love to dance and this type of party will have them having tons of fun. If you can try to hire some live entertainment as this will make the dance extra special. Another way you can hold this party is to just hire a local DJ to mix tunes for the dance but a full live band would be great if you can get a hall or other place for the dance to take place. Make sure the dance is well supervised to avоid anyone trying to bring alcohol.

party-guitar-heroRock Band or Guitar Hero Game Party
If your daughter loves gaming then consider a Guitar Hero party where she can compete against her friends playing Guitar Hero style games. You can have lights and speakers and arrange the party in different ways. Make sure you serve plenty of treats and party favors.

Movie Party
Another party theme would be a movie party but you can add to this by having it outside with a big screen. If there’s an old drive in near you and the weather is niсe try going there and having the party. You can always rent equipment and have it in your back yard once the sun goes down. You could start the part out with a later night BBQ outside and then great movies until late on the big screen. If one or more of your guests is on a low or no sugar diet, you should probably consider baking or buying some low sugar desserts for them to eat.

A Pool or Swimming Party
In the warmer months you can have a pool or a swimming party. You can hire music such as a DJ if you want and have a dance floor too. Try adding some games to the party as well as food and snacks. Try making some punch or some fruit flavored slushy style drinks for the guests.

roller skating partyIce Skating or Roller Blading
Another sweet sixteen party idea is a ice skating or a roller blading party. Many rinks have great music and you could go out for pizza and then back home for a nice cake after the main party is over.

Camping or the Lake
If you own a cabin or go to the lake often consider a lake party. You could have a nice outdoor BBQ and if the weather is good everyone could go swimming. You could kick the party up with a dance by the lake later at night. There are a lot of options when you go with a lake party.

These are just some basic ideas for a sweet sixteen party. The theme can be anything that you want so you should ask your daughter what she would like. The more personalized it is for the better it will be. There can however be some great experiences when the party is thrown as a surprise so keep that in mind too.

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