How to Install a Solar Panel

Solar Panels InstalledWould you want to save energy and want to make eco-friendly environment with the help of solar panel? Solar panel is the device that has the ability to convert solar energy into electrical energy which can be stored and used later to power up various electrical appliances at home starting from computer to TV and also other high-voltage devices. It is one of the best devices to have numerous positive feedback. If you really want to save energy consumption in your home then it will be better to have it installed. It is most cost effective device and can easily be installed with few steps without crossing any hurdles.

But before installing a solar panel on your home you should know:

  • The average price of solar panels in your area.
  • The maximum amount of energy consumption in your home.
  • Establish the construction budget by knowing the amount long term savings.
  • Area where you are going to set the panel, so to determine the dimension of panels and entire array.

Do you have enough idea about the above stated points, if yes then it’s your time to install it in your home. To know how to install solar panels go through the below mentioned points:

  • First you should list down the components that you need to assemble the panels. Be ready with your solar cells, hard glass and frame. It is better to choose A-grade solar cells as they are easier than other varieties of solar cells to install and thus you can save lot of your effort and always go for aluminum frame with thickness of 1/8 inch. It is advisable to go for glass of thickness ¼ inches.
  • Know the length of all wires connecting between combiner and inverter modules and check current capacity of photovoltaic arrays in order to choose right sized wires.
  • Make sure that the main electric control has proper MCB attached to protect solar system.
  • Have battery standby system to handle the anticipated current.
  • For mounting solar array prepare structure make sure to use only the identified attachment point on the roof for plans.
  • Inspect each and every panel and check the short circuit current and open circuit voltage of each one.
  • Your next step will be to interconnect the panels with the help of plug connectors and then mount the solar cells to the structure which is meant for support.
  • Then install the inverter, combiner and associated controls.
  • One by one connect all the circuits of every module to the circuit combiner and connect it to the inverter followed by utility switch.
  • Now connect the switch to the main service panel and check all the panels are operating properly and after the approval of utility service get your system ready.

Solar Panels on a RoofHow simple! Installing a solar panel will not only help you to reduce energy consumption rate and to save lot of revenue on electricity bill but also installing it will be at your home will be one of the greatest step to save environment. You might also want to consider having some energy efficient window treatments installed in your home to save even more money. So what’s there to wait go through the mentioned steps and have a solar panel installed in your home within a few hours.

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